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A 4x45 mini-series for ARTE France and ZDF

distributed by About Premium Content

Produced by Philippe Alessandri, Balthazar de Ganay (Watch Next Media), and Mario Krebs (EIKON)

Adapted from the hit novel Ein Paar Tage Licht by Olivier Bottini

Written by Cesar Award Winner Abdel Raouf Dafri and Oliver Bottini

Directed by Emmy Award Winner Frederic Jardin


TX Q4 2021

A German Police investigator assigned to his country’s embassy in Algiers leads an illicit love story with an Algerian Prosecutor. The kidnapping of a German arms dealer puts them in direct conflict : as they head each side of the investigation, they uncover a corruption scandal that will test their loyalty, both to their country and ultimately, to each other.

ALGIERS CONFIDENTIAL’s riveting intrigue takes us into contemporary Algeria, a country where foreign interests, the wounds of civil war, corruption, and the idealism of a new generation come crashing against each other as the country writes its future.

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